Sunday, March 29, 2009

entropy (cont)

First of all i'll define the title - "a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration." lifted from with utmost thanks and respect. (Stealing is much more innocent on the computer. Very rarely does e-thievery come back to bite you in the ass.) Thanks for this title are due to Grant Morrison for entitling one part of his opus "The Invisibles", "Entropy in the U.K." Good luck following that sentence. And we'll welcome Alex to the egoistical world of online blogging where people prove that they write a diary for others to "stumble" upon or more fitting people want people to know their deepest secrets but no one wants anyone else to know their deepest secrets. Stick with me if you will despite my poor phrasology.
Now that I have concluded the pointless introduction i'll take a moment to figure out why I am typing right now. Well I don't have any drama to add to the web, no nudies, hm..., no R. Wilson sightings, shit, no depression, no angst (accept for said angst written ages ago in the first post.) Fuck I need something to bitch about. anything. anything at all....well idk....why entropy then you ask?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Filibustering philanthropy

Here we are again. The odd opportunity to sit down and pretend the world listens to my words. Or pretending that I'm interested in my own thoughts transcribed. Anyway work is robbing me of ambition and creativity. These transfusions of my more indpendent mind for the mind of a sheep are slowly killing me. Whitering away my desire to exist. TBC