Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a little off the top, not sure from where. maybe the mirror, maybe not

He was a seemingly auspicious boy, though one would need more than a glance to realize this.  At a glance, he has medium to long hair, a length which is awkward and unattractive as it is uncomfortably in between short and long.  As your eyes move down to his shoulder's you'll notice he has the framework of a football player, or a fighter.
His clothes are simple, often lacking any identity other than a hole or a stain.  His shirts are faded by the wear of being handed down or thrifted through generations.  His pants are always at least a half size oversized, this causes his belt to make an awkward bunching of pant around his waist.  Which, in turn, causes his sitting and walking to not only be awkward but also for him to readjust himself frequently.  He becomes self conscious at every adjustment because of these facts.  His zipper rests in a lowered and downright position.
He does not remember to pull his zipper up and you stare at him wanting to tell him but too engulfed in the enjoyment of spying on him; and he is still a stranger.  He is not self-conscious of his zipper, but others always are.   He stands roughly six foot.  His feet refuse to sit right and have a slightly askew placement when he stands or sits.  Unlike most people, rushing past him, you realize there's something special about this boy, something attractive and worthy of your attention.
You decide if you should break the ice with the zipper or save him the cute embarrassment and just ask why he's here.
You've always been a fan of cute embarrassment.

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