Sunday, December 5, 2010

from the book

for Alexander Hernandez "...Like Truffaut, Cassavetes was interested not so much in his plots as in capturing privileged moments of emotional poignance between the characters-their comic absurdities, their garrulousness  [excessively talkative], their fears and anxieties.  As with such people in real life, a little can go a long way, for they can be exasperating and warying in their intensity.  But despite their kamikaze tendencies, their humanity always comes through-especially their dogged love, which somehow manages to bind them together, however precariously.  As critic Myron Meisel has pointed out, 'Cassavetes demonstrates that people do try to love the very best they can and that while it may never be enought, it has to go a long way, because it may be all they've got.' "

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