Thursday, September 3, 2009

And the other?

I don't feel like writing, so it seems like a good time to write. "Consciousness is its content; the content is consciousness. All action is fragmentary when the content of consciousness is broken up. This activity breeds conflict, misery and confusion; then sorrow is inevitable." Now i'm quoting Krishnamurti. "This complex variety, modified changes in the pattern of pleasure and pain, are teh content of man's consciousness, shaped and conditioned by the culture in which it has been nurtured, with its religious and economic pressures. Freedom is not within the boundaries of such a consciousness; what is accepted as freedom is in reality a prison made somewhat livable in through the growth of technology. In this prison there are wars, made more destructive by science and profit. Freedom doesn't lie in the change of prisons, nor in any change of gurus, with their absurd authority. Freedom is not in fragments. A non-fragmented mind, a mind that is whole in freedom. It does not know it is free; what is known is within the area of time, the past through the present to the future. All movement is time and time is not a factor of freedom. Freedom of choice denies freedom; choice exists only where there is confusion. Clarity of perception, insight, is the freedom from the pain of choice. Total order is the light of freedom. This order is not the child of thought for all activity of thought is to cultivate fragmentation. Love is not a fragment of thought, of pleasure. The perception of this is intelligence. Love and intelligence are inseparable and from this flows action which does not breed pain. Order is its ground."
I keep going to back to my hypocrisies, reflecting on the person I am (or think I am, want to be or whatever that is) as opposed to the thousands of faces I've worn as I was caught up in the moment. Clarity is hard to achieve, it's hard to be clear about who you are, about who the reflection in the psychological mirror is. Do you know? I know I don't have one reflection. My mirror is broken and I've cut myself trying to repair it. Nonetheless I work slowly and occasionally find moments where I can see only one me. In those moments the mirror's easy to understand despite the fractions. I always get confused by fractions.